A happy MOM is a Happy Family
Mother is such a great personality that she is unique and her love is eternal. Nothing else in the whole universe is a match to the mother. Mother kept on giving, giving and giving… all her life.

A commemoration of her deeds on the day of celebration of motherhood, the Mother’s Day, is a minimum responsibility of every child. Gift her some flowers on this great day, which convey our special message of love to her.

A good flower arrangement, whether it  a flower bouquet or a centerpiece, is the best gift on the Mother’s Day since flowers speak all the words of our regard for our beloved mother.

The most preferred flowers for gifting on Mother’s Day are carnations since they symbolise Mother’s love. Hence, a carnation flower arrangement is the most recommended gift for her. But still, any flower arrangement, for that matter, holds good on the Mother’s Day.

A bouquet of roses, lilies, mums also can help in thanking the mother for all her love and care. Flower arrangements made of spring flowers like tulips, scented narcissi and daffodils are also the favorites on Mother’s Day.

There is no hard rule as to what flowers are to be used in the flower arrangements for gifting on the Mothers Day. You can choose any flower for your mother, probably considering her personal likes and dislikes. Further, it is better if you are aware of the flower means that you can choose the appropriate flower arrangement for your mother.

OMNI FLOWERS will be more than happy to deliver flowers for you on this Mothers day.
You can visit us at www.omniflowers.com or call 905 451 2828

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Happy Valentine Day 2016, Sunday.

Happy Valentine day Feb 14 to all in the name of LOVE.
Love is in the air.
Omni Flowers will be selling the best quality, farm fresh roses at the very reasonable prices.
You can get the roses in bouquet, arranged in the box or in the vase.
Please pre order to avoid the last minute rush.
Call us at 905 451 2828 or visit us at www.omniflowers.com

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Wedding Car Decoration in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

Wedding Car Decoration in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto

The car decoration is considered to be an important factor in the South Asian weddings. Even in the west now migrated families like to see the car decorated in traditional ways. Keeping similarities with the fast life style, most of the grooms today prefer decorated car to go to marry his bride, than the decorated horse as was the tradition in the early days.

More and more modern grooms are accepting the beautiful idea of decorating the wedding car. Going in the car/limo is a comfortable as well as luxurious. After the marriage both the bride and the groom returns to their house in the decorated car with sign “ JUST MARRIED”

Car decoration in the south Asian weddings adds special touch to the wedding vehicle. In Indian weddings it is a very common thing that the groom comes in a decorated car pioneering the BARATI.

The wedding car can be decorated in diverse innovative ways. Professionals at OMNI FLOWERS in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto area can do the wedding car décor job in a traditional yet safe and modern way using the fresh cut flowers.

Different types of flowers and arrangements can be used for the car decoration depending on the car color and model. Red Roses, Carnations and bright color flowers are mostly preferred because this makes the wedding car look attractive and bright. Professionals at Omni flowers in Brampton will make the car decoration very special, in order to make the wedding ceremony memorable for times to come. More pictures please visit www.omniflowers.com. For prices and packages please call 905 451 2828.

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Diwali festival is a 5 day Hindu festival which occurs on the fifteenth day of Kartika. Diwali when translated means “rows of lighted lamps” and the occasion is also referred to as the Festival of Lights.
During Diwali, homes are cleaned and windows are opened to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Lamps, lights and candles are lit as a greeting to Goddess Laksmi.
Gifts are exchanged and sweets, festive meals are prepared during Diwali. At OMNI FLOWERS we prepared fruit gift baskets from $30.00 only on pre orders, as it is a sugar free healthy gift.
Because there are many casts and regions in India, there are myriad manifestations of the Diwali festival.
The Jain communities of India celebrate Diwali as a New Year’s Day. Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, attained his Nirvana on the day of Diwali.
Sikhs celebrate Diwali to express joy at the return of the sixth Guru to Amritsar in 1620; Emperor Jahangir had imprisoned him along with 52 Hindu kings.
The Guru was granted freedom but refused to leave until the kings were also released.
Diwali is by far the most enthusiastically enjoyed festival in India. People of different nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds come together to share their joys generating a feeling of universal brotherhood and inter-religious harmony.

We prepare garlands, haars, malas for this auspicious occasion from $15.00 and up.
Rose petals are also available. Please call first to book/order. Visit us at www.omniflwers.com for wider selection.

OMNI Flowers wishes HAPPY DIWALI to Everyone.

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SYMPATHY Tribute..Sometimes flowers can say what words cannot.

For many people, sending flowers to a funeral home, church, or family home following a death is a fitting way to express their sympathies and support during a time of loss. Meadowvale Visitation Centre and Cemetry is a full serve facility located in West end of Brampton.

OMNI FLOWERS a full serve florist is located next to Meadowvale  Funeral home. We are serving this funeral home since 2010. Omni Flowers is a rush delivery expert and deliver flowers to Meadowvale visitation center free of charge. OMNI FLOWER  shop is always in stock and can help supply flowers at the short notice.

Meadowvale Visitation Centre , just opened its doors in late-May of 2010, and is spectacular in all respects. The Visitation Centre includes the following features:

  • A two-storey high chapel;
  • Two visitation rooms;
  • Two reception rooms with direct access to an outdoor patio;
  • An atrium;
  • A coffee lounge;
  • Product-selection roooms where you may view the many innovative products we offer, including caskets and burial vaults, urns and keepsake jewellery;
  • Audio-visual features including, in the chapel or gathering area, a video screen to provide an optimal view of the service. Alternatively, you can supply a personal video that can be projected onto the screen. You can also obtain a video recording of the service. The audio system allows you to choose your own musical selection for the room you are using.
  • OMNI FLOWERS is located very close to the Meadowvale Visitation Centre, and can rush flowers even at the short notice.

Let omni flowers, Brampton, ON create a lovely display of blooms and greenery that will show your devotion and honor to the departed soul. We offer a wide selection of sympathy flowers and funeral flowers that can express warm feelings, and celebrate a life well lived.

Whether you require a sympathy display of funeral flowers in the form of a standing spray, a basket of flowers or plant to offer sincere condolences or simply like to order sympathy flowers on line – OMNI Flowers offer same day flower delivery. We are next to Meadowvale Visitation center/ cemetery, WARD, Scott, Brampton Memorial, Andrew and Benisasia Funeral homes and deliver flowers at no extra charge.

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As with any other parts of the world, Halloween is celebrated with much pomp and glory in Canada as well. The festival signifies that night of the year when, as per the ancient Celtic beliefs, the dead and the deceased rise from their graves and mingle with the world of the living. The festival is celebrated on the 31st of October and is considered to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian All Saints’ Day. The major activities during the festival are ‘trick-or-treat’, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions and so on. The many customs of the festival were introduced to the people of Canada by the Irish and the Scottish, who migrated to the region during different periods.

One very important aspect of Halloween celebrations in Canada comprises of decorating the homes, yards and garages.  OMNI FLOWERS in Brampton arrange flowers in pumpkins for the house entrance or on table top.  Some people even go to the extent of building life-sized replicas of caves and graveyards. Apart from this, people organize themed parties, like spooky animal party or alien costume party, on Halloween, which are equally enjoyed by both adults and kids. Some of the major activities in such parties inlcude reading horror books, playing amusing Halloween games and watching spine-thrilling terror stories. In Canada, Halloween is not a public holiday and people continue with their chores and routines in the daytime and have fun at night.

Do not forget to order in advance your Halloween arrangement from omni flowers

Halloween brings out the kid (and ‘spook’) in all of us with jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and lots of Halloween decoration themes and activities to enjoy. Your local neighborhood florist, OMNI FLOWERS of BRAMPTON, ON (ON), is a great place to start for creative suggestions on Halloween party decorations, Halloween haunted houses, and maybe even fun props like Halloween tombstones and Halloween yard decorations. Let us suggest some Halloween floral themes and Halloween party flower ideas for kids, and maybe even a few tips grownup ‘ghouls’ will like too! Give your Halloween festivities a ‘frightfully’ fantastic look and feel with colorful flowers and fun Halloween floral decor from OMNI FLOWERS of BRAMPTON, ON (ON).

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A Floral Tribute Khanda (Sikh symbol) created by OMNI FLOWERS

A Floral Tribute Khanda (Sikh symbol) created by OMNI FLOWERS

At OMNI FLOWERS, after lot of hard work and trials we tried to creat a floral tribute of Khanda for the first time in Canada. We prepared it in two sizes small and large. This one of its own kind of Khanda can be ordered from OMNI FLOWERS by calling 905 451 2828.

Emblem of Sikhism- Deg Teg Fateh.

The Khanda is one of the most important symbols of  Sikh Religion. The khanda is like a “coat of arms’ for Sikhs. It was introduced by Shri Guru Guru Hargobind Ji. It is an a combination of three symbols, represented by three different items. It is commonly found on the flag of the Sikhs, anywhere in the Sikh Temples.

The Sikh Emblem was created by the Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) after its constitution in the early twentieth century, when it depicted the Sikh doctrine “Deg Teg Fateh” in the form of Emblem (logo). Since then it is seen inscribed on the Sikh national flag/ letter heads and the stamps of various Sikh organizations. The doctrine is first found in written form in Persian, on the seal of Banda Singh Bahadur (1708–1716), stamped on his letters. The seal bore the inscription: “Deg-O-Teg 0 Fateh-Nusrat-I -Bedrang Yafat -Az Nanak—Guru Gobind Singh” i.e., The kettle (Deg)- (The Sikh symbol of economy, the means to feed all and sundry on an egalitarian base), sword (Teg)-(The Sikh symbol of power, to protect the weak and hapless and smite the oppressor), victory and unending patronage are obtained from Gurus Nanak—Gobind Singh “.

After Banda Singh, this inscription was adopted by the Sikh Misals and then by Sikh rulers for their coins also. Now the official seal of Akal Takhat bears this inscription.

The circle in the emblem of Sikhism represents the Deg (cauldron or kettle) used to prepare food, Guru ka Langar initiated by the founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak to remove caste barriers, teach people equality and humility before each other and to feed all and sundry on an egalitarian base so that no body sleeps with an empty stomach.

The two swords on the outside represent the Miri—Piri (Bhagti and Shakti) doctrine of Sikhism, revealed by Guru Nanak and put into practice by his sixth successor, Guru Hargobind indicating the integration of spiritual and temporal powers together and not treating them as two separate and distinct entities.

In the center is the Khanda, the double-edged sword, used by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh to prepare Amrit to initiate the Sikhs. Khanda has cutting edge on both sides indicative of two swords fused together representing Bhagti and Shakti (spiritual and temporal powers), giving birth to “The Khalsa”, who is a saint-soldier (Sant-Sipahi), the saint meaning scholarly in knowledge of Gurbani and soldier meaning martial in spirit.

To summarize, the Sikh national Emblem, reminds the Sikhs that they are warriors, they should take Pahul (Amrit), become ‘Khalsa’ i.e., The ultimate form of the Sikh, keep Guru Ka Langar going so that no body sleeps hungry, protect the weak and hapless, fight injustice and oppression, wherever it takes place, the victory will be theirs: ‘Deg-Teg-Fateh’.

There are three different items used in a Khanda, which also have a symbolic meaning.

A double-edged sword called a Khanda which is in the centre

A Chakaram which is circular

Two single-edged swords, are crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda and Chakaram.

In the symbol the sword to the left represents truth, and the sword to the right represents the willingness to fight for what is right- dharma (religion). The circle in the middle denotes the one God, never beginning and never ending.

The Khanda represents knowledge of GOD, the Chakkar represents the eternal nature of God and oneness of humanity, the two swords represent Miri (political sovereignty) and Piri (spiritual sovereignty).

Omni Flowers brampton  905 451 2828 / www.omniflowers.com ….took this initative for the first time in Canada to produce a true replica of Khanda Sahib in way of floral tribute. Every Khalsa should display the same infront of their house or in Baba ji room with pride. Please call us for details and pricing. This is a silk flower / artifical flower presentation.

Please support this one of its own kind project.

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VALENTINE Day is on FEB 14.. Sunday

Love is in the air at OMNI FLOWERS  in BRAMPTON, ON. Needing something for that special person you married or are dating? Let OMNI FLOWERS help you this Valentine’s Day with some of our truly unique gift ideas. We have everything you need to make your Valentine smile – from beautiful floral arrangements to customized Valentine’s gift baskets. Roses are always a great, classic way to say ‘I love you’ while a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite flowers is always a wonderful surprise. Wanting something even more unique? Fill a gift basket with clothes, accessories, luxury bath products, stuffed animals, or even their favorite snacks to make a gift that is perfect for any girl or boy this Valentines. Then, top off your gift with a great balloon bouquet that says just how you feel. Let OMNI FLOWERS in BRAMPTON help you with all your Valentine’s Day gifts. Browse our sample Valentine’s Day selections and order online, stop by our store, or give us a call in order to customize your special someone’s Valentine. There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ on this holiday than with flowers from OMNI FLOWERS in BRAMPTON, ON.

Please visit www.omniflowers.com for special roses deals. We deliver all over the Brampton, Mississauga, and GTA.

Our quality roses are available on recession proof prices. Say it with flowers”I LOVE YOU” and get the instant results from your valentine.

OMNI FLOWERS also have a very good selection of Valentine plush teddies, chocolates, creative cards, gift baskets, tropical plants and balloons…..a one place shop for all you Valentine list….we have large selection of roses in various colors, red, whie, blue, and mix colors at affordable prices …….

Let OMNI Flowers be your florist for all occasions.

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Make SOME ONES New Year special by gifting the best and exotic flowers in town! New Year is an auspicious occasion and is celebrated with great merriment all over the world. Send a lovely bouquet or a bunch of flowers to your near and dear ones to bring a warm smile and make the occasion truly grand and memorable.

New Year flowers perhaps are one of the best ways to show that you care. The flowers need not to be very luxurious or expensive but they need to have that personal heart and come straight from the bottom of your heart.  At OMNI Flowers we Express your Emotions using Fresh Nature.  Even a bunch of roses can bring that milliondollar smile on your loved ones face.

A wide range of New Year flowers and bouquets are available OMNI FLOWERS IN BRAMPTON ON CANADA. Choose the flower or bouquet according to your tastes, preferences and budget and gift it to your near and dear ones. There are lots of New Year flowers that you can choose from like:

Exotica: This colorful bouquet is a blend of beauty and delight. The bouquet consists of lily, pink roses, anthurium, emerald fillers and other beautiful flowers which make your New Year bloom with charm and happiness.

Young Fellow: This sunflower, roses and gerberas bouquet will surely bring a smile on the face of your near and dear ones. Crafted with an elegant touch, this bouquet is a symbol of happiness and joy to welcome the year ahead.

Colorful Wishes: These special ranges of New Year flowers are ideal for gifting family members and friends. They consist of a blend some a number of delightful flowers, which make them so unique.

Apart from these, you can also gift other types of New Year flowers. The bouquets of these flowers come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the well known bouquets are Sentiments, 6 Lilies in a vase, Colorful wishes, elegant wishes, Basket of love, Emotions and lots more.

Please visit www.omniflowers.com and select the arrangement that you like the most. Each and every arrangement is hand made and will be hand delivered.

Best way to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011

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Garland, Jaimala, Varmala…..A Tradition to enjoy

Exchanging Varmala is the sign that makes the beginning of an Indian marriage. Wedding Garlands are exchanged between one another and is a traditional way to welcome guests. OMNI FLOWERS is making garland in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton 2007.  Garlands can be made with all carnations, roses or combination of roses and carnation. Please visit www.omniflowers.com to see samples and pricing. Call us at 905 451 2828 to discuss your special requirements.

In Indian weddings… Var Mala ceremony is an important main ceremony. It is also known as Jaimala and basically involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Like all other customs and rituals, this is also a significant ceremony which finds reference even in the Vedic literature. It is an ancient practice and is still observed . The var mala ceremony takes place after the groom reaches the venue for the wedding, along with the baraat.

Once he arrives there, the mother of the bride welcomes him on the doorstep with a pooja thali. She applies tilak and performs aarti to bless him and to ward off any evil. After this the groom proceeds towards the main stage, where he awaits the arrival of the bride. After a while, the bride reaches the spot with a garland in her hands. Seeing this, the groom also stands and is given a garland. All the close relatives, friends and family members flock around the couple, for the ceremony.

The Jaimala ceremony begins with the bride trying to put garland around the neck of the groom. This is prevented by groom’s friends, in order to tease the bride. To enable the bride perform the ritual, the associates on her side help her to do the same. This is one of the most awaited moments of the wedding as everyone enjoys the tussle between the two parties as well as the new couple. Finally, the groom also puts the garland around bride’s neck. This ceremony indicates that the bride has accepted the groom as her loving husband.

OMNI FLOWERS…A BRAMPTON FLORIST will help you celebrate this tradition with very traditional Jaimala custom design for you…to celebrate your day with tradition. Usually the Groom garland is bigger than the bride, hence should be held vice versa.

Omni Flowers….A known Indian Florist in Greater Toronto Area…..specialized in Indian Garland and design it keeping your requriments and needs in mind.  Omni Flower also make regular garland for all other occasions.  Omni Flowers, Brampton Florist also make Gazaras, Seharas, Mala and full floral  jewellery set for  traditional events.

With Omni Flower…a florist in Brampton….you can order the Garlands on phone and get them deliver to your door step.  Please order the Garlands in advance so that we can open the flowers and make a good arrangement for you. All order has to be pre booked and pre paid.
Please visit our web site or call 905 451 2828 for more details or prices.

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